Since it was founded in 2008, JDS has been going strong, expanding service offerings, personnel and resources to meet the region’s growing needs.

Why us?

Your Success is Ours

At JDS, we stay ahead of demands and at the forefront of engineering technology, knowledge and skill investments.

Certified Experience

JDS has earned a reputation for value, engineering, and constructability. Our plans and reports balance expertise and expedience.

Nationwide Recognition

JDS has completed tens of thousands of engineering projects throughout North Carolina and the surrounding region. Its engineers and sub-consultants are licensed to work in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Quality and Precision

A structure is only as strong as its parts. The structures that people rely on every day must withstand forces from human impact and from nature. Every element contributes to the overall performance. For safety and quality, JDS provides proven and essential Construction Materials Testing (CMT).

A Decade of Achievement

Since 2008, our founder has developed the company from a one-person operation to a more than 50-employee, multidisciplinary engineering firm that has built a reputation for communication, quality, reliability, quick turnaround time and always placing clients first.

Customer Service

“We pride ourselves in going the extra mile,” said Laboratory Manager Dave Jenks. “If somebody needs something, we go beyond to get it to them. We know clients are under the microscope. They want it quick but done right.”

Customers & Partners

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