About Us

JDS began as a simple idea, that reliability and customer service are not just slogans but something that clients should realize and come to expect. Named after President Elijah B. Smith’s late father, every member of JDS works tirelessly to embody the values and work ethic that he passed down to Elijah. JDS Consulting & Design, PLLC prides itself in being the premier provider of engineering, design, and construction material testing services in the region.


Our organization enables the company to respond rapidly with professionals available at every level, from highly-skilled field and laboratory-testing technicians to structural-engineering design technicians to project management, all overseen by JDS Principal Engineer Elijah B. Smith.

Elijah B. Smith, PE

President, Principal Engineer

Eli Smith oversees company operations and plans growth and development with the other members of the leadership. He has been involved in the construction industry since 2000, working on estimating, design, and engineering on thousands of projects in NC and beyond. Eli always had the entrepreneurial spirit, and after the economy collapsed in 2008, he took that opportunity to start JDS as a full-time endeavor. JDS started as a drafting and design company, and has since grown to a multidisciplinary engineering firm.

Robert Murray

Vice President

Robb Murray has more than 30 years of experience in designing and preparing construction drawings for thousands of residential and commercial projects. His expertise was honed from years of on-the-ground, field-technician experience, where he worked with builders daily to identify mistakes and create solutions. He has designed and inspected all types of structures including residential, commercial, marine, industrial, institutional, and has also performed and managed numerous geotechnical engineering projects. Robb is highly involved in the overall operations and business development and continues to assist in the growth of JDS.

Kane W. Hamer

Director of Finance and Operations

Kane Hamer serves as JDS’ top financial officer and is a strategic thought-partner for the company. He works closely with the other senior leadership in development and execution of financial goals and key operational directives. In addition, his role includes management of many of JDS’ internal processes, including business planning and budgeting, human resources, administration, and IT. Since joining JDS, he has helped increase efficiency, productivity, and growth.

William Tod Scudder

Director of Structural Engineering & Design

William Scudder has more than 30 years’ experience in residential development, construction and design. He manages the drafting department, evaluates construction codes and design, and oversees CAD drafting and construction feasibility. He represents the company with site inspections and evaluations for design and construction solutions. Before joining JDS, he owned and led two design firms, creating more than 6000 home designs for more than 20,000 new homes.

Mark Hudson, PE

Director of Field Engineering

Mark Hudson manages the field engineering team in Raleigh and Charlotte. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in construction engineering and management. Before joining JDS in 2017, he spent more than 16 years in both commercial and residential construction management. His field experience and engineering background help him understand how to better serve clients, while providing practical and economical solutions.

Edward G. Aguirre, PG

Director of Environmental Engineering and CMT

Ed Aguirre oversees the Environmental and CMT Departments. Before joining JDS in 2018, he was president, principal geologist and senior environmental scientist for a successful geologic consulting company that he founded in 1997. His experience includes vice president, director and geologist for private engineering firms and the public sector. He has provided services throughout the U.S. with a focus on petroleum impact. Ed received his geological sciences degree from Virginia Tech in 1977.

Chase Teal, PE

Principal Engineer

Chase Teal earned his bachelor’s degree in structural engineering at NCSU after serving in the U.S. Army as an infantry sergeant. Since his youth, he has fostered a love of how structures are built and redefining what modern engineers are capable of. With more than five years of experience in residential design and telecommunications, Chase is now overseeing JDS’s field projects as the field engineering manager.

Dave Jenks

CMT and Laboratory Manager

Dave Jenks coordinates scheduling and testing for soil, asphalt and concrete projects; and performs testing and reporting for the materials testing lab. He holds NICET Level II certifications in soil, asphalt and concrete testing, and he is an NCDOT Tier II laboratory technician. He has over 21 years of field and laboratory testing in the construction industry, and he takes pride in meeting client deadlines with quick and accurate results.

Lisa Owens

Office Manager

Lisa Owens works with the management team to continually develop and pursue the overall corporate strategic plan. She oversees JDS office functions and helps ensure that back-office growth matches company growth as a whole. Her role managing accounts receivable and payable enables JDS to create relationships with clients that are based on work performed. She has 20 years’ experience and bachelor’s degree in business management from Georgia State University

Jeremy Miller

Field Operations Manager, Charlotte

Jeremy Miller manages the Charlotte Field Division to meet clients’ requests as efficiently as possible, while providing exceptional quality and service. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering and management. After graduation, he worked in residential construction as a builder to gain practical knowledge of the industry before transitioning to engineering services. He is ACI concrete-testing certified and nuclear-gauge certified.

Tiger Stellings

Structural Field Operations Manager, Raleigh

Tiger Stellings oversees scheduling of structural field engineering projects. He works relentlessly to get field staff to job sites on time and to get final deliverables in the hands of JDS clients. Since starting in 2012, he has worked extremely hard to serve JDS clients and cultivate the JDS ideals among his peers and subordinates. His experience, work ethic and excellent communication skills have proven invaluable to the growth and development of the company.

Samantha Grygoruk

Soils Field Operations Manager, Raleigh

As Field Operations Manager, Samantha Grygoruk oversees scheduling for soils-related JDS engineering projects in Raleigh and the surrounding region. Since joining the company in 2017 as a field administrator, Samantha has been dedicated to a seamless client experience, developing efficient project timelines for clients and engineering technicians. She earned her associate’s degree from Wake Technical Community College in Environmental Science Technology.

Amy Morales

SED Project Coordinator

Amy Morales is responsible for managing the workflow of Plans Department projects between initiation and closeout. Her attention to detail and strong background in project analysis have allowed the streamlining of internal processes and data collection at JDS. In addition to ten years of experience as a project coordinator, she also has a strong interest in geology and spatial analysis. She has a bachelor’s degree in environmental geography from the University of South Florida.

Frank Bojdo

SED Team Leader

Frank Bojdo provides full project guidance, beginning with initial design sketches, followed through to final structural drawings. He has been the lead designer for commercial and residential projects for more than 20 years since attending Miami University’s Master of Architecture program. One of his residential projects in Raleigh was featured in The New York Times for his innovative design.

Tommy Elfont

SED Team Leader

Tommy Elfont develops structural plans at JDS. He studied at Wake Technical Community College, and has been actively working in the design field since 2009. Tommy has been fascinated with engineering and the artistry of it from a very young age, taking inspiration and motivation from theme-park architecture and structure design. He believes the most important aspects of his job are efficiency, clear communication and customer satisfaction.

Jeremy Moore

SED Team Leader

Jeremy Moore designs custom homes, renovations and remodels. Using his 14 years of experience, he helps clients distill their needs and wants into a finished product of their dreams, making it truly their own. He also provides on-site design consultations with clients looking to remodel or expand on their properties. He graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in drafting and design with an architectural concentration.

Scott Yount

SED Team Leader

Scott Yount assists in managing structural plans for residential and commercial builders. He is responsible for designing new plans, reviewing plans to ensure that they meet standards and codes, providing structural layouts, revising and redesigning existing plans for specific needs, and maintaining a plans library. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology and Residential Design from Appalachian State University.