Our product is progress. At JDS Consulting, progress is the way we do business. Progress represents the rapid and streamlined manner in which we move clients from initial request to final delivery. And progress represents the infrastructure improvements we make by delivering innovative yet practical solutions for every step of the lifecycle. We measure progress by the value we bring to your investments, the reputation we build for excellence, and the lives we improve by creating safe, sustainable and fulfilling spaces where people live, work, travel and play.



Eli B. Smith, PE


Robb Murray


Chase Teal, PE

Chief Operating Officer

Kane W. Hamer

Chief Administrative Officer

William Scudder

Director of Design, Drafting and Engineering (DDE)

Mark Hudson, PE

Director of Field Engineering

Keith Beisner

Director of Energy Services

Brian Weston

Director of Construction Services

Lisa Owens

Director of Human Resources

Tiger Stellings

Director of Business Development

David Tookey

Director of Information Technology

Ed Aguirre, PG

Environmental Services Manager

Beyond limits

As a business that provided structural field investigations and engineering design services in its early years to several clients in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, JDS Consulting has since developed into a multidisciplinary practice with more than 90 employees serving government, industrial, commercial and residential clients throughout the United States.

Although the company has grown larger, we remain dedicated to the same core values upon which JDS Consulting was founded: customer service, communication and quality. These values are the reason clients continue to choose us as their trusted engineering, design and energy partner. Our business culture, technology and processes are centered around thorough understanding, rapid response, instant information access, constant support for clients, and highly qualified personnel who are dedicated to finding solutions that deliver the highest value.


After having worked as a structural field engineer for several years, company founder Elijah (Eli) B. Smith, P.E., began providing structural-engineering consulting, drafting and inspection services out of his home in Raleigh, NC. In 2008, Eli founded “JDS Consulting & Design” (now JDS Consulting), based on the strong work ethic and values of his father, James Douglas Smith, the company’s namesake.

A Defining Year

Four key employees joined the company: Robert (Robb) Murray as vice president, Kane W. Hamer as director of finance, William Scudder as director of a new plans department, and Tiger Stellings in structural field operations. Today, Eli and Robb are the company’s principals and co-owners, Kane is the chief financial officer, William serves as the director of the DDE division, and Tiger leads as the director of business development.


By 2013, JDS had increased its workforce to 20 people, and moved into half (5,000 square feet) of the Raleigh building where it is today.

Full speed ahead

JDS opened a full-service laboratory and Construction Materials Testing (CMT) department.


Additionally, Jeremy Miller (Field Operations Manager for the Charlotte Region) moved to Charlotte in 2016 to open a residential field services division in that market. The division now rivals the Raleigh division in its sales and client base.

Team Milestones

The company’s total number of team members reached fifty. JDS expanded its office space to the entire 10,000 square feet of its current building.


JDS celebrated its tenth anniversary.


A new Energy Services department was added to focus exclusively on solar engineering.

Company Name Change

In March 2020, the name of the company changed to “JDS Consulting.”


Eli Smith stated in a press release, “The new company name remains a tribute to my father, James Douglas Smith, whose values are the basis for the culture of respect and customer service that have set this company apart since its founding. These shared values inspire all of us, and serve as a foundation for excellence that helps us win clients and build customer loyalty.”

Unprecedented Growth

What began as the Plans Department became the Design, Drafting and Engineering (DDE) division. The new division comprises two key departments: Residential Design and Commercial Design. Construction Materials Testing (CMT) became Construction Services (CS) to represent the department’s broad range of service offerings.


JDS continued to grow exponentially with nearly 100 employees and the ability to deliver services in nearly every U.S. state.