Construction Services and Materials Testing


JDS provides laboratory and field analysis for construction and development projects to help ensure that client projects meet plan specifications and regulatory requirements. Our certified laboratory services and field technicians can provide testing and monitoring for concrete, asphalt, soils and aggregate for new and existing projects. JDS can also perform special inspections for retaining walls, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, post tension slabs, fireproofing, welding, wood framing and structural steel.


  • Aggregate laboratory testing
  • Soil laboratory testing
  • Masonry and concrete masonry unit (CMU) testing
  • Concrete laboratory testing
  • Asphalt laboratory testing
  • Retaining-wall inspections
  • Asphalt field inspections
  • Concrete field testing
  • Soil field testing and observation
  • Retaining-wall construction monitoring and testing
  • Asphalt subgrade, base, binder and surface-installation monitoring
  • Site stripping, undercutting and subgrade evaluation
  • Fill monitoring with nuclear gauge, sand cone or drive tubes
  • Proof rolls
  • Subsurface investigation