Energy Services


Foundation installation is the cornerstone of a ground-mount solar project. JDS Consulting supports foundation design, installation, reviews, maintenance and remediation based on site-specific conditions. The results are efficient and cost-effective solutions that bridge the gap between geotechnical engineering and solar technology.


Pile Installation Services

We provide pile-installation services that deliver unbeatable value for every project, small or large. With more than ten years of solar experience and foundation expertise, our operators provide efficient service, excellent quality control and a smooth transition into mechanical installation. By using our own pile drivers, we can better control cost and schedule, and offer a greater understanding of how projects are installed.


Geotechnical and Installation Consulting

Our solar professionals are soil experts and excel at interpreting geotechnical data for practical application on solar sites. This enables us to optimize design recommendations and adapt quickly during construction. Our team has worked in conditions ranging from coastal plains to glacial plains, from desert-caliche soils to island-coral soils. This vast experience informs our recommendations and brings value to every site. All services are backed by fully engineered stamping capabilities in each state. 


  • Desktop studies and site reviews
  • Pre-project pile testing for foundation design
  • Pre-project feasibility studies
  • In-construction foundation review and quality control
  • In-construction proof testing for capacity verification
  • In-construction foundation mitigation consulting
  • Post-construction inspection and annual maintenance


Pile-Driver Rentals

To support residential and commercial installations, we offer short-term rentals:

  • Pauselli 700 – Compact with quick movements, installs up to 13-ft piles, 7,500 lb. 
  • Mazaka 1200 – Full-size for variable or challenging conditions, installs up to 21-ft piles, 10,500 lb.