Engineering and Building Design


JDS Consulting design professionals work with precision. They start each project by asking the right questions and collecting detailed information to fully understand the client’s request, assess the site, and provide a detailed plan and schedule for delivering a solution that is creative, economical, safe, code-compliant, and easy for professionals who will work on the project to understand. Our project managers guide clients through the entire process of the project, and if changes need to be made, communicate them clearly and well before the projected completion date. 


Structural-Engineering Design

We work with contractors, project owners, developers and homebuilders on new construction and existing construction. We offer structural design for wood, steel and concrete projects, as well as foundations and retaining walls. Our designers use AutoCAD® and Revit® software to produce easy-to-read and precise 2-D and 3-D designs. We emphasize the importance of time and quality, and we respect architectural detail. Our team members continually search for new opportunities to add value to our services through solutions that complement the design intent and project budget.


Full Home Design

Our team designs full custom homes with styles ranging from modern-contemporary and modern-farmhouse to traditional, rustic and beyond. We work with you to design a home tailored to your budget and lifestyle, considering how every space can be used to its full potential and be fully supported structurally, with a thorough analysis of how the topography and conditions of the area affect design and construction. JDS Consulting fuses aesthetic design with practical capabilities to create unique and thoughtful deliverables.


Mechanical Design

Team members produce HVAC designs that are fully compliant with ACCA guideline manuals J, S, T and D. We provide ductwork sizes, calculations, supply and return locations, and sizes. Systems include geothermal design, electric heat pump, forced hot air with split air conditioning, DX systems, radiant heating and many others. All supporting HVAC designs include analysis reports based on ACCA, ASHRAE and International Mechanical Code. 


Electrical Design

Our professional designers can provide electrical plans that include power analysis, outlet and switch locations, generator and transformer designs, main service-panel and subpanel designs, and solar designs, as needed. We provide plans that are designed to ensure compliance with codes and standards.


Plumbing Design

Clients can rely on JDS Consulting for code-compliant plumbing designs for hot- and cold-water distribution systems, waste and venting distribution systems, pipe dimensions, hot-water heaters, gas and electric boilers, hot-water coils, and exterior rain gutters.