Engineering Field Investigations


Our field engineering services are client-centric, practical and aligned with the requirements of the specific project, contract and regulations. Clients can rely on our team of professional engineers and technicians to guide their projects to completion, and deliver innovative solutions that reduce construction schedules and project costs. We design and adjust plans to match each client’s goals, vision, budget and timeline. Projects are completed smoothly and efficiently due to comprehensive planning and frequent communication among employees, clients, contractors and builders.


Structural Inspections

  • Repairs for damaged or broken structural wood components
  • Evaluation of inspection items
  • Full framing or full truss inspections
  • Renovation inspections and designs
  • Warranty and homeowner concerns
  • Evaluation of home inspection items
  • Foundation inspections and repairs
  • Wood, concrete and steel, as well as commercial and industrial projects


Geotechnical Inspections

JDS provides in-situ testing using ASTM-approved methods to evaluate bearing capacities of soils for new and existing structures as well as for renovation and remodel projects. If in-situ soils do not meet the required specifications, the JDS field team will offer solutions to mitigate the deficiencies on site. This may include bringing in the DDE team to offer alternative structural designs, foundation designs or both.


  • Helical pier foundation designs and inspections
  • Timber pile foundation designs and inspections
  • Third-party footing and monolithic slab inspections
  • Retaining wall inspections