Material Testing

Building, at its core.

A structure is only as strong as its parts. The structures that people rely on every day must withstand forces from human impact and from nature. Every element contributes to the overall performance. For safety and quality, JDS provides proven and essential Construction Materials Testing (CMT).

CMT services include laboratory and field analysis of concrete, asphalt, soil and aggregate. We can provide inspections and assessments to make sure your project meets plan specifications and regulatory requirements, and we streamline your experience for a hassle-free project that stays on budget.

JDS personnel hold certifications from ACI, NICET and NCDOT. Our laboratory is accredited through AMRL, CCRL and NCDOT. We are R-18-accredited, and we can perform testing under the following ASTM standards: ASTM E 329, D 3666, D3740, C1077 and C1093.


Retaining Walls

  • On-site construction monitoring and testing
  • Wall-certification reports

Asphalt Testing

  • NCDOT QMS Roadway technicians
  • Subgrade, base, binder and surface-installation monitoring

Concrete Field Testing

  • ACI- and NCDOT-certified field technicians
  • Existing slab coring and testing
  • Moisture content of concrete slab floors
  • Floor-flatness testing

Soil Testing and Observation – Field

  • Borrow-pit sampling, testing and evaluation
  • Site stripping, undercutting and subgrade evaluation
  • Fill monitoring with nuclear gauge, sand cone or drive tubes
  • Proof rolls
  • Subsurface investigation

Materials Testing


  • Specific gravity and absorption (coarse and fine)
  • ABC quality-control testing
  • Gradation (coarse and fine)


  • Natural moisture content
  • Standard and modified proctors
  • Atterberg limits
  • Grain-size analysis and gradation
  • CBR testing
  • Unconfined compressive strength

Masonry and CMU Testing

  • Tests for unit size and compressive strength
  • Grout and mortar compressive-strength testing
  • Soil-cement testing
  • Concrete Testing – Lab
  • Compressive-strength testing: Cylinders, cores and beams

Asphalt Testing – Lab

  • Bulk and maximum specific-gravity tests via Asphalt QMS