Retaining Wall Design

Stability and strength to resist challenging conditions.

Your retaining wall must support the earth pressures created by elevation variances onsite, while your engineering service provider supports your goals under the pressures of tight deadlines and budgets.

JDS helps you achieve both through a range of services that integrate the expertise of our retaining-wall, structural and geotechnical engineers and CMT providers to meet your specific needs.

We’ll help you ensure your wall is designed efficiently and according to local and national codes and agencies. For long-lasting and safe retaining walls, we provide the following services:

  • Retaining-wall design from civil drawings
  • Retaining-wall design from on-site assessments and surveys
  • Existing retaining-wall evaluation and monitoring
  • Existing retaining-wall repair plans
  • Retaining-wall construction monitoring, testing and certification

JDS has experience in the design, evaluation and testing of segmented retaining wall (SRW), mechanically stabilized earth (MSE), reinforced concrete, and reinforced masonry structures.