Solar Engineering

Renewable energy. Reliable value.

Solar is booming, and rightfully so, having proven to outperform other technologies in producing the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE). This means that in addition to the positive environmental aspects of solar, you can get exceptional energy-production returns out of your solar project over its lifespan. The key to achieving the greatest cost efficiency is design optimization.

From our instrumental location in the Southeast, JDS can get you up and running fast in a region where clients are finding favorable policy conditions, growing networks of solar partners and a positive outlook for development. We offer specialized knowledge of the region’s geology and geography, and valuable relationships with solar-service providers, having tested nearly 500 MW in solar installations. Turn to the experienced provider for design testing and analysis services that will help you plan, prepare and install solar technology that delivers the greatest return on investment.

System Design

  • Mechanical design and specs definition

Field Services

  • Geotechnical borings and data analysis
  • Pre-project pile load testing and analysis
  • Pile-installation verification and quality control
  • Solar array mechanical connection inspection


  • Soil classification of borings
  • Soil corrosivity analysis

Structural Analysis

  • Evaluation of existing structures for solar installation
  • Evaluation of new structures for solar installation
  • Pile and connection design
  • Commercial and utility-scale ground mount solar installation